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Exchange and refund

Return of good quality goods

- If the goods have not yet been received - you can refuse the ordered goods, having notified the Support Service
  Clients. To do this, you must send the order number in the cancellation message to

- If you have already received the goods - you can make a refund within 14 days (excluding the day of purchase)

Return of good quality goods is possible provided that its presentation is preserved (packaging, seals,
labels, cardboard and plastic inserts) and consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact
purchase and payment (a waybill, a bill of lading or a power of attorney).

Goods that are listed in the Cabinet of Ministers Decree (perfumery-
cosmetic products, combs, gloves, jewelry made of precious metals, underwear,
bed linen, hosiery, goods in aerosol packaging, etc.).

Return of goods of inadequate quality

Under the goods of inadequate quality is meant the goods with obvious defect, as well as the goods that do not correspond
order or can not ensure the performance of its functional qualities.

Return order

To return goods you need:

1. Carefully pack the returned goods. To enclose in a package the commodity waybill, labels and the labels attached to the goods.

2. Within 14 days (excluding the day of receipt) deliver the goods yourself or send the box with the order.


- When sending a parcel, the actual date of return of the goods is the date indicated on the parcel.

- Payment for the return of goods is carried out by the buyer. We will not be able to accept your package if it is sent
"Cash on delivery" or "forwarding at the expense of the beneficiary", except for cases specified separately with our managers.

- Please note that the original cardboard and plastic inserts in shirts and cellophane packaging, it is necessary
return in undamaged form!

Terms and procedure of return

Refunds are made within three working days after receipt of the goods of the proper quality, and after
receiving payment for the goods.

- If you return the goods of the proper quality (for example, did not fit the size or style) - you will be returned its value,
   without the cost of delivery.

- When returning goods of inadequate quality, we return not only its value, but also the cost of shipping to you.

- The cost of goods returned with violation of the return conditions (for example, you have not shipped the goods in full,
   partially without seals / labels, with damaged packaging, without cardboard and / or plastic inserts), with the goods in the return shipment
   to the customer is not subject.

We refund your money

Refunds are made as follows:

- to a personal account in our store for new purchases;

- postal transfer, transfer to your card;

- other form (by agreement)

Final information


The online store is not responsible for the delay in the return of goods and money, caused by the work of delivery services, mail
and banks.